Back pain can be debilitating. Each year nearly 65 million Americans experience an episode of back pain. Approximately eight percent of adults have experienced back pain so severe it resulted in the inability to conduct their everyday activities. Those that suffer from back pain are desperate for relief and often turn to corrective care from a trusted chiropractor for help. Our team at Optimal Spine Chiropractic in Aberdeen is dedicated to providing the best care possible to help our patients regain their spinal health and become pain-free.

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Our team of doctors, Dr. Mark Kordonski, Dr. Jennifer Kordonski, and Dr. Denise Gun, are experts in providing pain relief and supporting the recovery process. We will conduct the necessary tests and create a treatment plan to help our patients regain their overall health. The goal is to have the patient resume their normal physical activities free of pain. We provide the following services:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Pediatric chiropractic care
  • Prenatal and pregnancy care
  • Spinal decompression treatments
  • Wellness care

What to Expect

Many people that have never visited a chiropractor have a few initial concerns about the treatment and care. There is no reason to suffer from back pain when natural corrective care can provide relief. Here is the process that we use at Optimal Spine Chiropractic for new patients:

  • Phase I: Relief: The first goal is to reduce the symptoms and help the patient to find relief from their back or neck pain.
  • Phase II: Corrective Care: We will create a schedule of treatment during phase II. We will determine what treatments are required, such as stretches, exercises, spinal adjustments, or decompression therapy. These modalities will reduce flare-ups until your body is healed.
  • Phase III: Wellness Care: During this phase, your body should be fully healed. At this time, the chiropractor will help by using a preventative care plan to make sure the patient is feeling their best.

Spinal Adjustments

There are many different spinal adjustment techniques that chiropractors use to help our patients feel better. At Optimal Spine Chiropractic we specialize in:

  • Traditional full spine adjusting
  • Low force and non-force Activator Methods
  • Thompson Technique
  • Webster Technique
  • Kennedy Decompression Technique

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